Tasty Quesadillas Recipes You Can Try at Home


A quesadilla (or more) can make for a really filling meal and it can be served at any moment of the day. I want to share with you two of my favorite quesadillas recipes you can make at home. What I want to mention first is that you should get a good quesadilla maker, just like I did. When I was searching for a quesadilla maker, I found this site that supplied me with great info on the best models and that is how I got my own. I insist on getting a good unit, because it will help you a great deal with the success of your meals.


Chicken and guacamole quesadilla


Quite a classic recipe that I absolutely love is the one that includes both chicken and guacamole. Here are the ingredients I use for the filling (the quantities listed are for six quesadillas).

–        Two and a half cups of shredded chicken meat (already cooked) – I prefer chicken breast because it is low fat, but you can use other parts of the chicken, if you so prefer.

–        Two thirds of a cup of salsa

–        A few sliced green onions

–        A teaspoon of cumin (ground)

–        Half a teaspoon of salt

–        A bit of oregano (dried)

–        A bit of melted butter

–        Two cups of shredded cheese

–        Sour cream

–        Guacamole

–        12 tortillas


Combine the chicken with the salsa, onions and spices and cook over open medium heat for about 10 minutes. Take one tortilla and brush it with melted butter on one side. Place on the quesadilla maker, and then load it with one sixth of the ingredients mixed above. Proceed the same with the grated cheese, then take another tortilla and press it above the mix. Close the quesadilla maker and wait for about 5 minutes. Serve with sour cream and guacamole for a great taste. You’re done!


Mushroom quesadilla


In case you prefer a vegan recipe, a good idea would be to go for a mushroom quesadilla, which I personally enjoy a lot. You will need the following:


–        One pepper, sliced (make sure to remove the seeds)

–        Three and a half ounces of chopped mushrooms

–        One tablespoon of olive oil

–        Salt

–        Black pepper

–        Six tortillas


Place the pepper and the mushrooms in a bowl, together with the olive oil and mix them well. Grill them on a well heated grill so they become a little charred then place them aside. Proceed with the filling of tortillas just like before and wait for your quesadilla maker to work its magic.