Safety Recommendations for Working with a Drill Press


Even if the equipment used today for woodworking and metal working is much safer than it used to be in the past, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your own responsibility when working with such machineries. As far as drill presses are concerned, here are some things you should keep in mind to keep yourself safe while working with one.


To start with the beginning, each drill press reviews comes with its own set of rules for safe usage. Make sure you understand all the limitations and the applications for which the drill press was designed, and do not test its boundaries, by putting yourself at risk.


When you want to start the drill press, check to see if the chuck key is removed. Also, make sure to always turn the power button off when you want to stop the drill press or you need to make certain repairs.


In order to prevent nasty accidents from happening inside your workshop, make sure that the piece of material you will be working on is securely clamped to the table. Since there will be a lot of power involved, once you start using the drill press, you surely do not want the piece of wood or metal you work on to start flying through the room.


When you intend to drill deeper cuts, make sure to pull out the drill bit often, in order to remove the chips of wood resulted from drilling. At the first sign that the drill bit gets stuck in too much waste, turn the power off and do not insist.


While working with a drill press, make sure that the small bits and chips of material do not end up in your lungs. Always operate such machineries in a well ventilated room.



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  1. Bob Vila