Places to camp in Canada that will leave you breathless

Canada is a mesmerizing land and there’s no better place to go camping than here. Not only the landscapes are impressive, but Canadians are considered one of the most polite and welcoming people in the world. However, faced with the great variety of camping areas spread throughout the country,  it is difficult to talk about great places to camp in Canada, without having the feeling you are excluding many worth visiting.

The Waterton Lakes National Park is one of the must-see places in Canada. It has been declared a Unesco World Heritage site, a Biosphere reserve and a Peace Park. The diversity of plants and landscapes is truly amazing. There is not a single thing you feel is missing here: the enchanting lake, the village near the water, the majesty of the Rocky Mountains and dazzling places you can visit and explore.

The Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia is one of the natural wonders of Canada. The park is near the Kejimkujik lake, that is great for kayaking, and it offers a great wildlife variety. There is plenty of space for camping, so you can come with as many friends as you want. Not for away from the park is the Kejimkujik seaside if you feel like spending a day on the white beaches. Plus, in the park you can visit two butterfly gardens and admire wonderful butterfly species.

The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in the British Columbia is a wonderful seaside place for campers. Besides the 16 km long beach that offers plenty of choices to have fun by itself, you can take a boat and paddle to The Broken Group Islands or take the 75 km Pacific trail that is filled with bewitching landscapes and a myriad of exploring possibilities.

The Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park, Saskatchewan is located on the south shore of the lake bearing the same name. The dunes are approximately 100 km long and they are truly an exceptional place that fascinates all people visiting it: both tourists and ecologists. Due to the fact that the dunes are a fascinating ecosystem, sheltering numerous rare species of plants, this place has often made the object of many researches. However, it is a protected area and some activities, like collecting plants are prohibited by the administration of the park. Unluckily for those who want to visit the camp, the dunes are hard to reach: you need a float plane to go there and there is no organized camp in the dunes, thus you must bring with you the entire necessary camping equipment.

If you really want to be amazed by unique sightseeing, majestic mountain peaks and one of the highest waterfalls in Canada, the Takakkaw Falls, you can take a trip to the Yoho National Park. The peaks of the Rocky Mountains surround you and the Emerald Lake or the less accessible lake O’Hara await you to spend a lovely time on their shores. If you are passionately in love with fossils, you can visit the Burgess Shale Formation, a Unesco World Heritage Site where you can see the fossilized 515 million years old remains of various marine species.

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