Parking Places for RVs that You May not Know About

RV travelers are known as friendly, easygoing people, but there are still plenty of places that display huge signs to prevent you from parking in their area. If you are planning a long trip and you need to park once in a while, a bit of guidance regarding RV friendly parking places may be of use. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Brand stops for trucks


Trucks are bigger rigs than RVs, and there are plenty of truck stops spread all over the country. Especially brand stops are particularly friendly towards RV owners, because they make quite a nice profit from selling fuel and other supplies. You can park for free in these locations and get to refuel and buy the stuff you need, all in the same place.


Big retail stores


Walmart and other big retail stores have no problems with RVs parking in their lots. After all, RV owners make pretty good customers, and this is a good enough reason for these chain stores to allow parking for your RV. However, you should keep in mind that overnight parking may be affected by different policies from one store to another, so ask politely in advance.


Chain restaurants


You can also find some good parking spaces in the areas operated by chain restaurants. They often offer special parking for RVs and trucks, and the good news is that they also have free WiFi, so you will not get bored. To easier find these you would need a good RV GPS system.


Large casinos


Other businesses that seem to have zero problems with RVs are casinos. With gambling and other casino related activities becoming increasingly popular all over the country, these establishments are very friendly towards RV owners, because they represent a stream of customers that they have now easy access, too. The best part is that you will not have to pay for overnight accommodations, or pay very little.


How to easier find these places? You will need a good tracking system and one useful resource I found is this review on GPS for RV.