I’m so glad I installed a sump pump last year

No kidding! Sump pumps are the best invention for safe homes.  And here’s why:

Just last year, a neighbor of mine faced his biggest nightmare. It was just like we see in the movies – his home was badly flooded, damaging almost 90% of his entire property. Seeing how tough it was for my neighbors to get back with their life, I am glad that I decided to install what would become a true savior for my home – a sump pump.

You see, though I love spring rain, I dread the hardships that it brings along, if it rains more than normal. It’s an observation that there are extreme changes in climatic conditions, spring rains have been immensely heavy the past 5 years. Worst, no country seems to be spared by its devastating aftermath. From the extreme regions of Europe to flatter regions of Asia, the volume of precipitation has ranged from normal to unexpected extremes. Luckily, my home was not one of those that were swept away by massive spring rains last year. I was able to save my home and everything in it, with my secret tool installed in my basement. Yes, none other than a submersible sump pump. But, what the sump pumps exactly do?

A sump pump is designed to pump out the water that gets accumulated in the basement and other crawlspaces. It has a mechanism that collects the water and rids it off through the house’s sanitary sewer system. The fact is, that the mechanism itself is rather simple, but the installation do require a bit of professional hand to work effectively.

Here are the basic reasons as to how my home benefitted from a sump pump.


  1. Flood water can damage any home, which have a basement or crawlspace. A sump pump installed in the basement helped my home to handle large-scale accumulation of water. All the homes that do not have this installation, with onset of spring rain or torrential rain, are prone to accumulate 15 inches of water. This volume of water is very harmful and incur damage to all the things stored in the basement. Sump Pump throw out this collected water before it damages anything
  2. A sump pump can also protect a home from fire. Although this sound ironic, it is important to understand that collected water is a great risk, as it can short-circuit the electricity wires laid inside. But, a submersible sump pump installed at a home eliminates this risk.
  3. Another benefit of using a sump pump is that it reduces the growth of mildew and molds. If the basement is damp, it becomes a viable breeding ground for destructive and potentially poisonous molds and mildew.


Yes, sump pumps are truly a great idea to protect a home. Many overlook the use and advantages of these pumps, but the fact is – they work wonders. Do not take any chance and make sure that your home is flood-ready and flood-resistant! Take it from my neighbor – he has learned his lesson the hard way!