How to Improve Your Aerobic Fitness with a Punching Bag


The punching bag is considered today a traditional piece of equipment for any martial arts trainee, but many overlook the great aerobic fitness benefits they can take advantage of while throwing punches at a heavy bag. The thing is that, while you are training with the bag, you are moving around and changing your body position in order to get a better angle to land your punches. This equals to a veritable aerobic workout, one that you can improve by following these simple recommendations.


A good aerobic fitness routine can greatly improve your cardiovascular training and conditioning. A great strategy to improve the results you will get this way is to establish a rhythm that will give you the cardio workout you need. Practice in rounds of three minutes and follow the next routine. Hit the bag with your left hand three times, than land two jabs (also with your left hand), followed by a fast right cross. Repeat.



When you practice with a heavy bag, you can greatly hone your skills, but there are many other benefits you can enjoy. Exercise regularly and you will improve not only your instinctual response, but also your stamina and endurance.



In order to land a good punch, you need to be able to balance your weight, while you are practicing with your heavy bag. Maintaining your balance helps with your cardio conditioning, as well. Make sure that you breathe in a steady rhythm through your nose, and this will help the efficiency of your punches. As you may well know, plenty of trainees make the mistake of holding their breath in when they start a sequence and this leads them to feeling exhausted within a very short time. So remember: breathe well throughout your training.