Great Toast Snack Ideas for Kids


Snacks are loved by kids, but you always need to keep an eye open for what they tend to grab, since many of the snacks sold on the market are filled with preservatives, sugar, salt and even chemicals that affect the children’s health on the long run. Replace this kind of junk food with tasty healthy snacks made with toasted bread. If you have two kids, use a 4 slice toaster so you can prepare more snacks at the same time and have everyone satisfied and ready to go.


Mini pizzas

Coat the toasted slices of bread with some tomato sauce, sprinkle some grilled cheese on top, and add some other healthy toppings. Let the slices inside the oven for a little while, and you will have 4 mini pizzas ready for your hungry kids.


Peanut butter sandwiches

To keep the calorie intake lower when feeding your kids in the morning, a good idea is to use toasted bread instead of regular bread. Your kids will love the taste more, and you will rest assured that are carefully looking after their diet. Peanut butter sandwiches are a good idea for a quick snack that requires very little preparation.

Garlic bread

Garlic bread can be based on toast! Make the topping from a quarter of a cup butter and a bit of parmesan, mixed in a bowl. Add a bit of salt, garlic and pepper and you will obtain a tasty topping for the toasted slices of bread. Your kids will love these as a snack.


Cream cheese on toast

Use toast to create other delicious treats for your little ones. Spread some cream cheese on toasted bread and add a few slices of cucumber. This healthy snack will keep your kids’ appetite at bay, without loading their daily diet with unnecessary calories.