Buying the best yogurt


Yogurt is no doubt the healthiest diet for people of any age or health. The best yogurt to eat is that you make at home, with the fresh milk and the mothering yogurt you keep. But if you have a job or living style that you are not able to make yogurt at home, so you should not deprive yourself from the benefits of this wonderful food. You can buy packed yogurt from the nearest supermarket or grocery store.

To buy the best yogurt, you must focus on these things-

Check the packaging and expiry date

The first thing you must notice is the freshness of the yogurt. For this you must carefully read the label for packaging and expiry date of the product. Never buy the yogurt, which has still two days to go for its expiry date. The best is buy one that has same day of packing.


Where it has been packed

The other thing to notice is that where the packing plant is located. It must be near your city or within the city you reside in. This check is to ensure that you get the freshest yogurt and not the chemically preserved one, coming from a distant location.


The live bacteria

If you are purchasing a pack of yogurt, check for the label that mentions bacteria L. bulgaricus and S. thermophiles as its ingredients. These two bacteria are responsible for the digestive and health qualities of yogurt. Some Yogurts come with Probiotics, the good bacteria, best for digestive benefits.


Read the label for fat, calcium, sugar and energy contents

You are holding the pack of yogurt because you are concerned about your health and want to eat the healthiest food. So never ignore the label. Read it to check how much fat, calcium, sugar and energy you will be getting in one pack. Calcium content should be higher, but select a pack with a low fat, energy and sugar count.