3 tips for novice bass fishermen

Fishing is a demanding, but thrilling activity and there is probably no species of fish as sought after as bass is. The attributes that make this particular type so popular among both amateurs and professional anglers is its ability to put up a fight, which turns it into some kind of a trophy for anglers. Due to its erratic behavior and rebellious nature, fishing for bass requires not only skillfulness, but also carefully picked fishing gear.


  1. Choose the perfect rod and reel

You can take your pick between a spinning rod and a baitcasting rod. As most of you know, the first one is the most suitable for novice anglers and that is why I would advise you to start your fishing activity using this type. Once you’ve acquired some skills and you have gathered plenty of practice, you can give the baitcasting rod a shot, as it is the most versatile of the two. One other thing you should consider when choosing a rod is its length. For bass, I would recommend a medium length rod, somewhere around 6 or 7 feet. But, when it comes to this particular characteristic, you should also choose the size that fits you better. Some anglers have difficulties mastering a longer blank, especially in the beginning.

Regarding the reel, you should go for a medium speed reel, with a retrieving ratio of 6:4:1 and, to make sure you mix these two essential pieces together harmoniously, I recommend you search for a combination of rod and reel. Most manufacturers sell ready- made combos, usually at a better price than if you bought them separately. However, the price should not be your foremost criteria when choosing a rod and reel combo, but how well they team up.

  1. Rely on renowned brands

I’m not talking about your rod alone, but about all the fishing gear you need as a beginner, such as lures, lines, hooks, etc. It is mighty difficult to choose quality equipment as a novice, if you don’t have a professional accompanying or advising you. Fortunately, there are several brands on the market that have a long tradition of producing high-quality gear, for all types of fishing techniques. Therefore, if you don’t have a skilled technical adviser, going for consecrated manufacturers is your best option, although you might pay a higher price for their products.


  1. Have patience and know how to choose the best timing

Patience is your best friend in fishing, as you may already know. It takes a while until you get good at casting and controlling your rod, and you will fail a lot, until you land your first fish, but actually this is what makes fishing so loved by so many.

I believe the golden rule of this sport is to know how to choose the proper timing. Each species has its own natural rhythm and, if you don’t know when the most favorable for fishing bass is, you can have the greatest tackling gear in the world and it won’t do you any good. If you want to buy bass fishing gear for beginners make sure you check out online review sites.